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 In industrial facilities, tackling hot, cold, humid, or dusty
 conditions isn’t quite as easy as opening a window or

 adjusting the thermostat. Fo unately, for those who do
 business in large or unconditioned spaces, Big Ass Fans
 innovated a cost-e ective and energy-e cient comfo

 solution in the form of high-volume, low-speed
 (HVLS) fan technology.

 HVLS fans work by rotating large ai oils to produce ai low
 across the space. As the fan’s diameter increases, the

 slower it needs to spin to generate the desired ai low.
 Thanks to their precise aerodynamic design, Big Ass fans
 e ciently move massive air volumes and dramatically

 improve people’s comfo , even in harsh environments.

                            POWERFOIL X3.0
 An HVLS fan’s breeze across the skin makes people feel up
 to 10 °F (6 °C) cooler than the ambient temperature and
 assists the  ow of fresh air. In colder months, HVLS fans

 gently mix heated air that rises to the ceiling back down to
 occupant level, saving as much as 30% on heating costs.

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